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盘点2016北京安博会的几大亮点(Highlights of 2016 Security China)


       2016年10月25-28日,第13届中国国际社会公共安全博览会(简称安博会) 在北京新国际展览中心成功举行。那么今年的安博会究竟发生了哪些新鲜事呢?安博臣带您一起回顾2016北京安博会的几大亮点。

The 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016 (Hereafter referred to as Security China 2016)was successfully held in Beijing New International Expo Center from 25th -28th In October this year.In the past several weeks,it has dominated the public conversation that what’s kind of the-state-of-art technologies will usher in security industry development in Security China 2016. ANBOSON takes you to review some of them now.




“超星光”技术 (‘Super starlight’ technology )




The advent of “super starlight” technology is thoroughly resolving the issues facing traditional infrared light filling technology that clear images can be taken under low-illumination condition yet it is at the expense of compromising image color quality. Announced as a great revolution in low-illumination image effect, ‘super starlight’  technology makes it possible to take high-definition and full-color images under extreme low illumination or even completely dark conditions. The images also look very real and refined, just equivalent to those taken in the daytime. It’s believed that ‘super starlight’ camera technology can to a great extent reduce criminal cases    because statistics shows 90% criminal behaviors happen under low-light conditions. Shenzhen ANBOSON Technology Co.,Ltd(Hereafter referred to as ANBOSON)has been dedicated to research and development of low-illumination camera technology since establishment in 2009. During this process, ANBOSON has made big breakthroughs in ‘super starlight’ technology after conducting bold and effective experiments based on its array infrared camera technology. At present, ANBOSON ‘super starlight’ camera products are in test phase and will go public for mass production very soon.


H.265 4K 高清监控摄像(H.265 4K HD CCTV)




Another highlight in Security China 2016 is undoubtedly the H.265 4K HD CCTV technology which means clearer and more refined images with higher resolution quality, more likely to attract people’s attention by satisfying more requirements and creating more potential market opportunities. H.265 4K camera technology  is not uncommon for ANBOSON that has earlier successfully put it into production with  products operating now in applications like public traffic, shopping mall, police stations,etc. With much wider viewing angle, H.265 4K CCTV is particularly suitable as real-time monitoring system in densely populated places and multiple lane areas. We can imagine under accidents circumstances a kind of real and clear images taken by H.265 4K cameras,especially by ANBOSON 4K camera that can still capture 1080P image even after being zoomed in four times, will make a big difference for investigation and warning.


人脸识别监控系统(Face recognition CCTV system)




Of course face recognition camera technology has also emerged as another one dominating topics of Security China 2016.  Many exhibitors even set interactive games with such technology, attracting participation of seas of people in hustle and bustle. As a smart CCTV management software, face recognition CCTV system is in a position to capture facial features automatically and send out warning of intruders automatically under non-guarding condition after setting it in advance. For the time being, ANBOSON is still endeavoring to make breakthrough for face recognition technology but can provide such solution by cooperating with some excellent domestic suppliers based on our own software platform. Apart from capturing facial features automatically, face recognition CCTV system provided by ANBOSON can also replay videos based on facial features with much higher targets searching efficiency compared to traditional time-based searching software. What matters at most is that such software is able to recognize people on blacklist automatically just by adding information of published wanted people from police to software, which means system will send out warning automatically when these people on blacklist appear in front of cameras.



互联网+及跨界(Trend of Internet + and Trans-boundary)




Trend of ‘internet +” is confirmed after many mobile CCTV APP products made their appearances in Security China 2016 after ‘Internet +” concept was incorporated into CCTV and networking alarm systems, ushering in a higher-value-added and user-engaged CCTV era by combining online and offline services. In order to satisfy internet-based services requirements from customers,ANBOSON speeds up its upgrading process of research and development by utilizing some rapidly developed technologies of HD cameras,high-performance computer,high-speed internet and mass storage.  ‘Internet +’ concept is used to build a strong bond between ANBOSON and customers in every process from products R&D to packaging by strengthening customers participation and respecting their individual needs.




In addition to highlights mentioned above, there are also many other things making Security China 2016 better to see including Artificial Intelligence,Infrared Thermal Imaging, Drones Jammer, Biometric Personal Identification, Police Communications System and remarkable live events,etc. It will dawn on us that these highlights in Security China 2016 will definitely change whole security industry to a great degree and play an important role improving social security, building a safe and harmonious city as well as serving people’s life.

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